Brian wanted Seo In Kook’s new single?

Brian and Seo In Kook recently appeared on Sponge Zero. Both singers held each in high respect as professionals, but Brian seemed especially appreciative of Seo In Kook’s new single.

Brian stated, “We’re so popular these days,” to which Seo In Kook responded, “You’re right.” They didn’t stop their jesting there, however, as the two brought up their new upcoming singles.

Brian expressed how he was interested in his fellow singer’s single “Broken,” “I wanted to sing Seo In Kook’s song. Does In Kook feel the same way?” Seo In Kook replied jokingly, “Yes. I want to sing my song too.”
Both Seo In Kook and Brian have released their mini-albums recently. Make sure to check out Brian’s “Loved and Ended,” as well as “Broken”!

Credits : allkpop


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