T-ara’s Soyeon talks about performing in short dresses for an outdoor winter program

Back in December, we reported about an outdoor performance T-ara held at the Gyungbok Palace for a special music program. Fans worldwide expressed outrage over how ill-dressed the girls were for the -15.1°C weather, the coldest day Seoul experienced in almost 30 years.

At the time, T-ara wore short sleeved dresses made out of mesh material. Soyeon revealed in an interview, “After the performance, we all cried really hard. It was unimaginably cold and everyone sobbed out loud. We also complained a lot to our manager. It was so cold that my body felt like it received burns.”
There was a communication issue at the time so [our outfits] were not checked over. We were sorry that our stylists received some harsh words from fans who were worried about us. But after it passed, it was sort of funny.”

Credits : allkpop


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