U-KISS’ Dongho has grown 8cm since his debut

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho is going through quite the growth spurt, as it’s been recently revealed that he grew 8 cm (3.14 inches) since his debut.

His profile currently lists his height as 178 cm (5′9″), which is an 8 cm increase since he was last recorded at 170 cm (5′6″) three years ago at the beginning of U-KISS’s debut.

Dongho explained, “At the time of my debut, I barely hit 170 cm. Because all of my hyungs were so tall, I actually had no choice but to add a bit more to my profile height and made it 173 cm. After each new album release, however, I began to grow bit by bit. I really grew to 173 cm between our promotions for ‘I’m Not Young‘ and ‘I Like You.’ Our company raised my profile height by 2 cm again, but by the time we were done promoting ‘Bingeul Bingeul‘, I was 175 cm. While preparing for ‘0330′, I checked my height and now I’m really 178 cm.”

He continued, “I’m working on both an acting and singing career now so it is a bit physically difficult, but I’m doing my best and learning a lot. I’ll make sure to show everyone my improvement and growth.”

U-KISS left for the U.S. on April 27th to attend the Korea Music Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Credits : allkpop


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