T-ara’s Soyeon discusses her high school career & her affections for KARA’s Gyuri

In her latest interview with Newsen, T-ara’s Soyeon shared a bit about her pre-debut life, and expressed her affections for KARA’s Gyuri.

Commenting on her school life, she revealed:

“I had talent ever since I was little, but didn’t begin my training until I turned 16. By conversing frequently with other friends who had the same dreams as me, we were able to connect. It’s true that I did stick out a bit as a student.

I wasn’t obsessed with my grades and led a relatively normal school life. I think it’s because I was sure of my dream that I focused on that entirely, and it was easy to make friends with people who had similar dreams since I went to an arts high school.
One of my closest friends is MBLAQ’s Seungho. We’re still close, and thanks to Seungho, I’ve gotten to know the other members of MBLAQ as well.”
Turning to the topic of KARA’s Gyuri, who’s actually her high school junior by a year, she said:
I actually have something I’m very thankful towards her for. Our high school was strict with the juniors honoring the seniors. Gyuri was calm, though, and wasn’t a student that stuck out, and I wasn’t the type of senior that would berate her juniors either. We never had the chance to bump into each other at school; I just knew that she was my junior.

KARA then debuted, and I later debuted through T-ara. We were at the broadcast hall and Gyuri approached me first and greeted me, saying, ‘Senior, hello.’ I greeted her back using honorifics and she told me not to. I thought she was really nice then, and she’s still one of my favorite juniors up until now.”

On keeping contact with her friends, she replied:

Right after our debut, we were all too busy to keep in contact and didn’t have cell phones for three months. Even after we got them back, we became so busy that cell phones became meaningless.
It took about a year for us to get back into contact, but they were all very understanding. I think it’s because our dreams are all the same and they’re in the same profession that they can be so understanding.”

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