5dolls on their concept and unused names

The K-pop industry experienced a wave of girl groups with doll-like faces and princess-like appearances, but 5dolls stepped away from that traditional routine with a secret weapon: Power.
Members Soo Mi (22), Chan Mi (19), Hye Won (16), Hyo Young (18), and maknae Eun Gyo (16) made their debut in February with the digital single “Lip Stain”. Soon after, they released their first mini-album “Charming Five Girls” and kicked off their activities with “It’s You”. Instead of wearing 10cm high heels like other girl groups, 5dolls showed off their cute and powerful image while wearing comfortable sneakers and training pants.
Leader Soo Mi stated, “I was sort of shocked when I saw the outfits. It was a bit more casual when compared to the other outfits that the other groups usually wear. Back then, I was concerned if we will be able to perform wearing this. Also, instead of worrying about dancing in high heels, I think its a plus that we are wearing sneakers because we able to focus more on our singing and dancing.”
To these five girls, there is role model that they look up to; that girl group is 2NE1. Hyo Young stated, “I want to learn how to be like them. They enjoy the time they have on stage singing. They know how to control the stage. They also fill up the stage with just four members. Compared to them, we are very lacking. If we rate ourselves, I would give ourselves 65 points?”

5dolls is part of the 11-member group, Co-Ed School. Before Co-Ed School wrapped up their promotions, they were pulled into a controversy involving member Hot Blood Kangho, as pictures of him at bars surfaced on the web. While that may not be unusual, Hot Blood Kangho was an underage student at the time, and so the pictures shocked fans and netizens alike.
Reflecting over this time, Soo Mi stated, “Since there were pictures of proof, we could not back out on that. He realized his mistakes and is still reflecting on them. Since our job is based on our images, it is important to be careful of what we do. We will work harder so that this mistakes will never happen again.”
The members also stated, “Sometimes there are harsh comments that have groundless rumors. However, we believe that these are because they have interest in us. Whether the comments are in favor or against us, we are happy that there are comments about us. Truthfully, it’s scarier to have no comments at all. It’s better to have harsh comments about us. We look through the comments and take into account what will help us in our next performances.”
Despite being cool about the harsh comments, the members stated that they are a little disappointed when the netizens do no call them by their correct names.  Some netizens call the members by the interests that they gained before their debut. For example, they called the members ‘Soo Mi who filled up See Ya’s Nam Gyu Ri’s empty spot,’ ‘Chan Mi who was a trainee at SM Entertainment before her debut as Co-Ed School,’ ‘Hye Won who looks like Kara’s Goo Hara,’ and ‘Eun Gyo who looks good in a red hairstyle.’
They revealed their disappointed feelings, “People around us do not call us ‘See Ya’s ex-member,’ ‘little Goo Hara,’ ‘SM trainee,’ ‘red hair’, and so on. We all have names…Perhaps they do not think we are a new group because we all have different backgrounds.”
Despite their disappointments, 5dolls hold high expectations for 2011. Because they could not receive the rookie awards for Co-Ed School, the girls are determined to win the rookie awards this year.

credits : allkpop


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