[News] Eunjung and Lee Jangwoo beat odds of 2/100 to get on "We Got Married"

As previously announced, Lee Jangwoo and T-ara's Eunjung have been confirmed as the latest couple on "We Got Married". According to sources within the entertainment circle, the two met for the first time on March 30th at an undisclosed location.

A spokesperson for "We Got Married" stated, "There are over a hundred candidates for a new couple. We are looking for people with characters that complement each other." The spokesperson also let on that interviews are then carried out with the new couples. Lee Jangwoo and Eunjung can be said to have beat the odds of two in a hundred to score a place on the show.

Eunjung recently showed her enthusiasm in acting through her role as Yoon Baekhui in the drama "Dream High".

Lee Jangwoo on the other hand, can be seen in the drama "Smile Donghae", where his role as Kim Dojin is helping to draw in high viewership rates. There is a high level of anticipation with regards to his participation on "We Got Married", which to date has been dominated by idols.

Of interest now is whether the show will get high rating with their new couple. After the Adam couple left, the show viewership has been shaky. Now that the popular Yongseo couple has also quit, meaning the new Eunjun-Lee Jangwoo couple absolutely has to succeed.

Are you anticipating this new couple on "We Got Married"?

credits : dailykpop


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