Nichkhun & Victoria share a… butt kiss?

We Got Married’s pseudo-couple Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x) recently confessed desires to share a kiss on screen, but new footage from today’s episode reveals that the couple may’ve already shared one of sorts back in December!
On the March 12 episode of We Got Married, MBC revealed behind-the-scenes footage from Nichkhun & Victoria’s preparations for the MBC Gayo Daejun last December. As fans may recall, the couple filmed a “fierce lover’s quarrel” and performed a special couple stage for the show that displayed the idols’ sexier sides.
At one point, “Khuntoria,” as the duo is affectionatelly called, practices the choreography but gets worried as each member keeps making mistakes at one part of the dance. Feeling anxious, both idols inhaled deep sighs and collapsed on a couch together for a break in the waiting room. While that sounds innocent enough, Nichkhun’s butt touched Victoria’s butt, as if the two butts were “kissing” each other.
The affection doesn’t stop there — as the duo was relaxing, Nichkhun began playing with Victoria’s feet to relieve the idol of some of her stress. Victoria responded, “As always, it’s Nichkhun!” The dance routine practice was concluded with an unplanned hug, which, coupled with the unintentional “butt kiss,” gained the attention and envy of many fans.
“Butt kiss” — that’s definitely an innocent definition that I’ve never come across, but any sort of affection between the Khuntoria couple is always adorable!

 credits : allkpop


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