[News] CNBlue’s “Intuition” goes for No.1 in Music Charts!

Seoul, Korea — The weekly chart of the fourth week of March (March 21st until 27th) of Monkey 3 (www.monkey3.co.kr), a music website, showed the status between idol band CNBlue and I Am A Singer. The winner of this week was CNBlue. CNBlue’s “Intuition” rose to number one in real time charts and weekly charts after its release. “Intuition” is a song with groove rhythms and strong guitar sounds, and with rhythmical vocals. The lyrics are about the intuitive feeling a man has for separation and his feelings to deny it.
MBC TV’s Our Sunday Night – I Am A Singer was pushed down by CNBlue but all six songs were in the top 30 in weekly charts and are receiving much attention. In real time charts, Kim Bum Soo’s “Please,” aired on the 27th, is currently number one and for this week’s weekly chart, Yoon Do Hyun’s “You, I Will Always,” the song that took first place in the first competition, debuted in number five. Baek Ji-Young’s “At Any Time” took 13th place, Lee So-ra’s “To You Again,” 16th, Jung Yeop’s “One-sided Love,” 22nd, Lena Park’s “Art On A Rainy Day,” 23rd, and Kim Bum Soo’s “You Look Like A Rose,” 24th. Wheesung’s “Words That Freeze My Heart” was number two, continuing from last week and Girl’s Day’s “Twinkle Twinkle” rose 27 levels and became number three. K.Will’s “My Heart Beating” dropped three levels to become number four.

Two songs of SBS TV’s drama series 49 Days’ soundtrack attracted attention as they landed as number six and seven. So Yeong-eun’s “Should Forget,” a ballad with lyrical melodies, rose thirteen levels to become number six and Jung Yeop’s “Nothing Happened,” the title song of the soundtrack, landed at number seven.
Secret’s Song Ji Eun’s “Going Crazy” landed on number eight, Lee Hyun’s “The Best Of Mine,” number nine, Big Bang’s “Tonight” was number ten, proof of their popularity.

Lee Jung Gyu, the leader of Monkey 3’s contents team, says, “As soon as the songs of I Am A Singer were released, they took over the music charts and are receiving much attention. It seems the fever of talented male artists such as CNBlue, Wheesung, and K.Will and I Am A Singer will continue.”

credits : dailykpop


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