Jay Park reveals “Look At Me Now” + “Deuces” covers on Youtube

Although he’s busy gearing up for an album and performance in Los Angeles this April, Jay Park’s stayed faithful to his Youtube account, which is reminisced as the root of his solo comeback due to his return with a Nothin’ On You cover on March 15 last year.
As he reaches his first Youtube anniversary this week, Jay has unleashed yet another cover for the world to enjoy, this time to Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now and Deuces. His covers are complimented with laidback, MV-style videos featuring Jay in various settings. Jay also includes dance battle footage at the end of the video as a bonus for his fans.
Without further ado..!

something i did for fun
was cold so i was red in some areas haha
footage of me battlin at the end and actin a fool
album comin out in APRIL #TADL
also just wanted to say my heart goes out to all the quake and tsunami victims
my swagga through roof every time i hit theboof/
and if heard my bars then u know that i’m the truth/
man if u thinkin other wise ur heads up in a neuce man/
u aint reconizin me then u be confused man
all you lil mama and u know we gettin loose man/
145 but im benchin 2 10/
takin all these barbies and u know that i kenn/
if u gotta problem get kicked in ur coboose mannn/
haha yeah all the girls be lovin me/
like i’m standin on ur grave all u dudes just under me/
i be feelin loveley chillin in the summer heat/
girls with more curves then the number 33/
u got nothing on me not a mouse but i am mighty not zeus but i am lightning and bitch u a slug u r just and ice t u can call me coffee cause u know that i be spittin hot shit to ur mug/
girls i’ll go and give a kiss to ur mug gittin ur loves
hips and a butt, lips full of lust ,its just a must/
cause jay junior be the right fit to your glove/
im the baddest split ur cabbage i’m the one jay park/
speedin down the highway but i do not play the race card/
fightin till the end of it man u can call me brave hart/
no typin when i rap but im usin SPACE BARS
everybody knows that i can go and do the damn thing/
unlimited stamina while all of u are gasping
all u haters dead to me and i’m the ghost buster
cant touch me i’m fresher then a muhfucka
i hate u so much even though ur so lovable
the last straw well that was a couple months ago
u bad good dont care how ur body or how ur ass looks
cause u gave me more problems that college mathbook
never ending fights i was close to bein gone
in bed i did u right but in love u did me wrong
cant live at all its pitifull can’t seem to get a long
so u give me no other choice but sing this song

credits : allkpop


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