[News] SJ-M Devours Taiwan Street Food at Filming Studio

Korean band SJ-M made an appearance on Channel[V] ‘s programme and took on a challenge; the production unit brought the night market into the studio. The members did this and that just to have a taste of Taiwan Night Market delicacies.

SJ-M performed a dance which made the host want to learn as well. Eunhyuk became his teacher. Unfortunately, when he(the host) did so, Siwon said “looks like wushu”. But SJ-M revealed that during their pre-debut, they took even longer to learn dances.

During the Chinese challenge, Eunhyuk recieved a board which has Siwon’s name written on it… however, he held it upside down. (Lol i bet he doesn’t even know that Siwon’s chinese name looks like). Siwon who is very serious in learning mandarin kept asking Kyuhyun how to recite “众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处”(chinese phrase which I don’t even know what it means),showing his diligence in learning mandarin.

When it came to guessing the place of manufacture of each of the local Specialties(Goods), Siwon even went to look at the labels on the items. Eventually, he even got all 5 questions right. He was so happy he danced(WAHAHAAHA), like a child.

SJ-M who were really busy when they came to taiwan have not had a chance to go to the night markets, so *show name* brought the night markets’ delicacies to the studio. There was XXXXL crispy chicken, onion(shallots?) pancakes, bubble tea, bean curd and ricecake(not the korean kind). When SJ-M heard that there was bubble tea, they hugged each other in excitement. (HOMG OUR KIDS ARE KIDS)
However, SJ-M had to play a mini-game for a chance to be able to try the food. The members came up with many schemes, like sungmin who did a split to be able to eat, ryeowook got the other members’ help; Siwon’s accuracy was astounding and he hooped the bottles twice. He happily tried the braised dish.
Kay… I think the game they had was the one with many bottles and they have to throw hoops onto the bottles.

credits : dailykpop


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