SNSD’s Yuri, Sooyoung & Jessica try on a sexy androgynous look

The ladies of SNSD stunned fans with a bold new look, as they adopted a sexy and androgynous image.
On March 12th, MBC’s “Section TV: Entertainment News” met up with the SNSD members at an advertisement photoshoot. On this day, Yuri, Jessica, and Sooyoung displayed the most innovative transformations. They surprised the people around them as they wore manly clothes, and successfully adapted to the masculine concept.
Sunny also made a complete transformation into Lady Gaga, which made Sooyoung envious.
Sooyoung confessed that she felt weird in men’s clothes, but sensibly joked, “I’m Soonam~”.
Recently, Sooyoung’s sister, Choi Soojin (who is currently performing as a musical actress) caused netizens to claim that her family had ’superior genes’ after a picture she took with Sooyoung was revealed. When asked about her sister, Sooyoung replied, “At first, I was happy that my older sister was pretty…” She added, “If my sister joined SNSD, then we definitely wouldn’t have been known for our legs!” – causing everyone around her to burst out in laughter.
The members of SNSD, who are famous for having family members with ’superior genes’, exchanged encouragements with one another, “You’re prettier than Krystal,” to fellow member Jessica.

 credits : allkpop


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