[NEWS] CNBLUE. ‘Intuition’ captured the 1st place on Mnet Chart ,the power of the idol band

Idol Band CNBLUE has made their comeback to the music industry and has achieved great success.
On the 29th, CNBLUE is confirmed to secure the 1st place on the Mnet chart (www.mnet.com) for the 4th week of March.
Last 21st, CNBLUE has held their comeback show and then, a total of 3 of their songs have entered the top 10 of the real-time chart which shows the power of their music. .
‘Intuition’, the title song of their 1st regular album has already garnered the 1st spot while ‘LOVE GIRL’ and ‘Imagine’ have also captured the 5th and 9th spots in Surokgok online chart.
(Information not related to CNBLUE is omitted here)

credits : dailykpop


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