U-KISS’s Dongho turned down five leading roles

U-KISS’s Dongho, who’s been starring in numerous films and dramas lately, reportedly turned down a few huge roles, leading fans to question why.

Having made his acting debut through the movie “Villain & Widow” last year, he’s since received over five love calls for leading roles in other movies, dramas, and musicals.  Despite other idol stars leaping at the chance for leading roles, Dongho has opted out.

A representative spoke with OSEN and explained, “Dongho himself realizes that he is still lacking in many aspects as an actor.  He wants to first learn through smaller roles, and although he’s disappointed in having to let the bigger roles go, it’s a sacrifice he wanted to make. After further growth and improvement, we predict that he’ll be able to be more confident in the future.”
He’s mainly played the role of a high school student, and some of his supporting roles are found in “My Black Mini Dress,” MBC’s “Royal Family,” “Real School,” and “Villain & Widow.”

credits : allkpop


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