KARA records 1 million copies in album sales

KARA has recorded over 1 million copies in album sales, after only eight months in the Japanese music industry!

According to information revealed by Universal Music Japan on March 31st, KARA’s five albums – “Mister“, “Jumping“, “Girl’s Talk“, “Best Clips“, “KARA Best 2007-2010” – have sold a total of 1,080,000 copies in all.

“Girl’s Talk,” which was released last November, sold 430k copies so far and even ranked at the top of Oricon’s music chart for nine consecutive weeks after its release. “KARA Best Clip” DVD (released last February) and “KARA Best 2007-2010″ (released last September) sold 200k copies respectively. Meanwhile, “KARA Best Clip” managed to rank at the top of the weekly charts for two months in a row as well. As for the girls’ singles – “Mister,” and “Jumping” – they each sold 130k and 110k.
Im Jin Mo, a pop culture critic, commented, “After BoA and TVXQ, KARA is the first to surpass 1 million copies. As rookies who debuted only eight months in Japan, this is an astounding feat. I think the fact that they’ve created a position for themselves as Korean idols in Japan’s idol culture is a bigger achievement.”

credits : allkpop


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