SNSD’s Yuri and Seohyun show off their beautiful ID pictures

SNSD members Seohyun and Yuri are gaining much praise for their lovely ID pictures.
On the 30th, an online community board posted three pictures under the title, ‘Bermuda’. Fans got to see Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun’s individual ID photos, which is a huge thrill for most as Seohyun and Yuri’s pics were previously not publicized.

Yuri is shown posing prettily with her dark complexion and thick curls. Meanwhile, Seohyun is smiling quietly while wearing what’s assumed to be her school uniform.
Unfortunately, Yoona’s photo was missing from the set.

Netizens who viewed these pictures commented, “I saw many pictures of SNSD but their identification pictures are new,” and “They look beautiful even in their identification pictures.” 

credits : allkpop


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