‘Khuntoria’ fans donate to UNICEF to commemorate the couple’s 300th day .

On March 27th, fans of the Nichkhun and Victoria couple (a.k.a. “Khuntoria” couple) gave a special gift to commemorate the couple’s 300th day anniversary.
According to UNICEF’s official Korean website, fans made a donation totalling 6,000,000 won (~$5,400 USD) to the organization. They stated, “The ‘Khuntoria’ fan club of MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘ couple, Nichkhun and Victoria, gave a generous donation of 6,000,000 won on March 27th. The support from ‘Khuntoria’ will be used for the survival, protection, and development of children all over the world. Below is the official mail sent by ‘Khuntoria’. Again, we thank ‘Khuntoria’ for their heartfelt gift.”
With this message of thanks, UNICEF posted the original letter of the ‘Khuntoria’ fan club. It stated:

We, as the Nichkhun♥Victoria couple’s official Naver fan cafe [Khuntoria], would like to make a donation to UNICEF to commemorate the 300th day anniversary of the Nichkhun and Victoria couple from MBC’s “We Got Married.”
Both the guy and the girl, who are from foreign countries, have met in Korea in the name of ‘destiny’. In addition, it has been 300 days since their entwined destiny began.
Cherishing the destiny, here, the couple has become a happy virus – spreading happiness, joy, and smiles to many people. To cheer them on, many people have come together under the name of ‘Khuntoria’, and even today, many have come together to create a memorable fate. We think that the further the love from one heart to another is spread, the more it can show its true value and brightness.
With the heart of blessing, to celebrate the couple’s first 300th day together, we, too send our love. More than today, tomorrow, and more than tomorrow, the day after… We hope that more and more happiness is gathered as the days pass by.”
It is definitely exciting to see people come together to share and spread love to another. Whoever said, “Love is contagious,” knew what was up!
Congratulations to Nickhun and Victoria on their 300th day as a “We Got Married” couple!

credits : allkpop


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