TVXQ’s Yunho wears a fan-given shemagh

TVXQ’s Yunho received a unique birthday present from an Arabian fan!
Although it’s been a while since Yunho’s birthday, an online community site recently posted this picture of Yunho wearing a shemagh. The picture was a still-cut from an interview that the star held with ‘KBS WORLD‘.
On Yunho’s birthday, an Arabian fan sent him a patterned scarf. Yunho, who received the present, became instantly interested in the item. Noting Yunho’s interest in the shemagh, the interviewer helped him try it on. The charismatic star smiled brightly, and seemed really pleased with the fan’s gift.

Netizens commented, “Arab-Shin-Ki. It’s Hijab-Yunho!”,Hijab-Yunho has been revealed to the public!“, “His facial expression is so cute.”, and Yunho is showing off his present from his fan. That fan must be going crazy with happiness.”

 credits : allkpop


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